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The very first release of this series took place ten years ago, in 2013. The project was developed by the RobTop studio, which has already won the respect of users. Geometry Dash has taken the world gaming community by storm. What is so engaging about this project? It is a platformer that looks quite simple at first glance. You control a small neon cube that needs to overcome complicated levels. The gameplay is extremely fast and challenging, with catchy music. The player needs to navigate through endless threats until they reach the end of the obstacle course. During this time, several chapters of the projects were successfully released. But the main one is the latest update that has absorbed the best features of the previous episodes and offers a bunch of new cool details. Welcome to Geometry Dash 2.2!

Enjoy all novelties!

The first thing that players will notice in this latest release is a new design. Now, there are more shades and colors added. The graphics are simple, yet appealing, and the interface is made in the style of neon flashes. All controls remain the same – you just have a pair of control buttons that you need to press at the right time. You can turn off the sound or increase its volume in the settings. And the main positive quality is the variety of stages and their complexity. This new release comes with new exciting soundtracks. And of course, the developers added a lot of minor elements you can use when creating your own levels. So it is time to experience it all and have a decent portion of adrenaline and fun!

Have fun in new modes

The gameplay in Geometry Dash 2.2 Beta is very similar to all previous releases. As before, the player is to overcome endless obstacles, guiding the cube to the next level. The little character must be helped to maneuver in order to keep running avoiding barriers. The complexity of the gameplay is not only overcoming obstacles, but also to manage to catch the beat of the music. With each new level, the challenge is more intricate. Even one mistake cancels all the achievements, so the user must be as careful as possible in every action. There are 2 modes in the game: practice, where you will have access to save points that you can create anywhere in the level, and normal mode, which your nerve cells will be strained like the strings of a freshly tuned guitar.

Use an enhanced level editor

As before you become one of the contributor to Geometry Dash 2.2. The game offers you to test a built-in editor that allows you to generate new levels. It means, that you can use different elements in combine them in a way to develop a unique test for the cube. This content can be saved and offered to the project’s community. In this new version, you can access to the biggest selection of icons, skins and obstacle variations you can implement into your personal mini-game. From basic trials to crazily difficult challenges – there are absolutely no limitations here.

Impress everyone with the coolest level!

What is the most exciting about the ability to generate levels in this new update of the popular game? It is the possibility to share it with others. It has made level generating very popular among the players – all of them are trying to come up with new geometrical adventures and offer various level of difficulty. You can also become a famous contributor by inventing something unique and impressing other players. Use the biggest collection of elements in the 2.2 update to make the game even more popular. Do not miss this entertainment – the adventures in the world of geometry shapes has never been so exciting!

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