Geometry Dash Jump

Have you ever tried to play for a neon cube in Geometry Dash? This is a new adventure inspired by that epic series. The role and the main character are exactly the same – you will transform into a cute cube who is not afraid of risks and dangers. The smart personage is ready to conquer a number of tough levels filled with unbelievable trials. But the cube needs support to avoid treacherous spikes and other sharp elements. Unfortunately, he cannot make a mistake as it will mean the death for him and the level will completely restart anew. If you believe you are enough agile to help the cube with maneuver, let’s do it!

Jump without a stop!

Even if the game seems somewhat childish and cartoonish, it will not be so easy to complete the levels. They are literally packed with all sorts of deadly traps. The hero will not success without your help. You will not have time to develop an efficient strategy in this game – you will need to act instinctively. The only thing you should bear in mind – jump whenever you see a threat approaching. It may be a struggle in the beginning as your cube is moving comparatively fast. But once you spend some time in the game, you will excellently master all its mechanics. The entertainment will help kids boost their attentiveness and coordination. But it is also a great tool for adult players to enhance all their reflexes. And overall, this cool interaction with the cube is just a lot of fun!

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