Geometry Dash 2.2

It is a new update to your favorite rhythm-based game. So what details and innovations may the players enjoy in Geometry Dash 2.2? A little neon shape does not seem to be tired of multiple levels he has already passed in the previous game installments. The little hero is ready to continue his cool adventures and try to overcome even more complicated obstacles courses. Are you ready for new trials and threats? Then let’s get started! It will surely make you forget about everything around!

It is completely re designed!

It can be rightfully mentioned that this new release is the biggest in the history of Geometry Dash. As the game developers already issued several successful chapters, the project has a huge audience that is impatiently waiting for novelties. Now, you are going to enjoy a portion of new challenges in this new episode. The key task of the player is the same as in previous parts – you need to guide the character through endless obstacles and let him safely reach the finishing point of each level. However, it is not something you can achieve with random moves. It will be a fast-paced agility test that only the smartest players will successfully pass!

What’s new in Geometry Dash 2.2?

First of all, the players will be immediately impressed by new stunning graphics – lots of bright colors and eye-catching design. But the main novelty is a new level – Electroman Adventures. It is going to be extremely difficult and is meant for those who have already demonstrated excellent skills in previous chapters of this entertainment. Here, the traps are following one after another, leaving the player seconds to react to new dangers that appear literally from nowhere. Besides, you will enjoy a new mode in this version – The Map. It will be full of all sorts of monsters to deal with and, of course, new types of obstacles to overcome. Even if you already flawlessly manage the previous levels, now you will surely need to struggle until you master new mechanics.

Enjoy new icons

As before, the players will interact with a variety of geometric shapes. But now, you will get access to a wider range of elements with new, mixed colors. In addition to it, you will discover new portals and spheres. Besides, this new release offers the biggest amount of icons compared to all earlier series chapters – now there are over 300 icons available. The 2.2 version is full of new content. The players will see new icons and blocks that can be used in level simulation, as well as different kinds of boosters. You can even use a jetpack that will appear in the platformer as a super-movable device. Will all these tools, the missions will be more achievable even if they seem unbelievably hard at first glance. So do not give up, you have everything you need to guide your cube to the target!

Create new content

And the best feature of the series is also here – it is a built-in editor, allowing players to assume the role of a developer and create individual levels. You are free to invent new trials and come up with really hardcore tests for other players. The Geometry Dash community is huge, and new challenges appear practically every day. With so many fresh adventures, it is never boring to accompany a neon cube on endless trips through stunning portals and new spaces. You can always enjoy fan-made levels whenever you open Geometry Dash 2.2. Alternatively, you can build a whole collection of your own levels for other players to enjoy! As the reality shows, the adventures of a neon cube become more and more exciting with each new release. Do not miss the coolest update ever!

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