Geometry Dash 2.2 Beta

If you are a fan of a platformer genre, you should not miss new entertainment Geometry Dash 2.2 beta. This game will immerse you in a world of geometrical shapes, incredible speed and continuous rush. In this challenge, you will start an exciting journey on the levels full of obstacles and dangers. The release has been positively met by thousands of puzzle lovers, and you will surely join this crowd after playing it. Even if there is no plot here, the activity is so engaging that it will keep you busy for hours, if not days.

What is that all about?

Your personage is a small geometric shape that looks like an alien creature. It is a neon cube – restless and adventurous. The game represents a collection of levels that the hero needs to pass. Each level is a path or a maze full of unbelievable obstacles. These are deadly gaps, sharp spikes, and even monstrous creatures that will try to stop you. The controls are simple enough – you can move forward and jump when a barrier pops up in front of you. All your moves are done under the accompaniment of dynamic music, making it more exciting to deal with trials. However, it is enough to make even a slight mistake to lose all your achievements. In this case, your cube will respawn in the very beginning of the level and you will need to start it anew. So, attentiveness and lightning reaction should not let you down!

There is also space for creativity!

You will not only run and jump here. There is also a way to enjoy the game differently. You can become a gaming content creator. How is that? It is simple and enjoyable – you should use a special editor that will enable you to generate new levels for the cube. It is up to you whether these will be simple or hardcore. After you complete the level – you can share it with the community. Who knows, maybe your level will become super popular among Geometry Dash fans? The menu offers a wide range of cube icons, skins, boosters and additional items to make your level stand out from the crowd. Do not be afraid to experiment to the fullest.

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