Geometry Dash Classic

Are you in the mood for some jumping? But warning – it is not going to be a chaotic activity. On the contrary, it is the only method to help your hero survive in this cool entertainment. So let’s start from the very beginning. What is it all about? You will transform into a small cube. The little hero has a serious challenge to complete. He must pass a number of tricky levels and survive. The thing is that each level represents an obstacle course with endless traps and hurdles. These are abysses and sharp objects that may deal with the protagonist in a blink of an eye. Help the cube avoid these flawlessly and reach the finishing point of each path safe and sound.

Jump and run as much as you can!

Even with extremely simple controls, it will be a headache to do everything right at first. Actually, your cube can only run and jump. But you will need to switch between these two moves so often and quickly, that it is very easy to get confused. So keep your eyes on the path, and whenever you see a barrier, jump high to avoid it. This adventure will need your lightning-speed reaction and exclusive attentiveness. But you will be proud of yourself once you manage to complete the level flawlessly. Do not be afraid to lose when you just start playing. This game requires enough patience and training before you will see the desired results. But it will also bring you enough fun! Do your best to reach the highest possible result in this entertainment and collect all the stars!

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