Geometry Dash Subzero

Are you a fan of Geometry Dash adventures? Then rush not to miss a new release in this cool series – Subzero! Why such a title? Everything is simple – just remember a cute hero from Mortal Combat. So, you will also need to fight for your victory as that brave personage! This time it will be a super challenging trial for all the players! All maps and music have been successfully redesigned. Now you will be able to again put your logic and agility at test. But it will be a true trial even if you already passed previous episodes with ease. Open the game and dive into real chaos where only your reflexes can help you survive!

Lots of cool levels!

This release was created as a smart addition to the main game. And fans of this simulator will immediately spot a lot of common features with the chapter called Meltdown. There are three main levels in this new episode – Press Start, Nock Em, and Power Trip. They have been remasters, allowing users to enjoy fresh versions. Their difficulty is increasing, with Power Trip being a true hardcore challenge! The main objective remains exactly the same – players control a small cube that is traversing paths full of all sorts of deadly obstacles. Each step or jump must be precise and timely, otherwise, you will die! However, there is one exciting nuance that you can also enjoy a variety of additional levels created by fans. The developers intentionally allowed players to generate their own levels and let others play these.

Improve your reaction and coordination!

All you need to complete this tricky mission is agility and attentiveness. To make the walkthrough more enjoyable, the creators added wonderful music accompaniment to each level. If you are new to this adventure, be prepared to failures and restarts. You need to be patient and gain some experience before you master the controls and manage to overcome all traps and obstacles effortlessly. Moreover, you must be ready to face a lot of enemies on your way that will try to destroy you. Do not let any of these treacherous creatures prevent you from reaching the finishing line. But do not worry – soon you will impress everyone with your cool achievements! You can even share your success on social networks and invite your friends to this thrilling entertainment. Are you intrigued? It is time to test your skills in this fast-paced entertainment and even try to create your own challenge for others. You will love this engaging process!

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