Geometry Dash 2.2 Unblocked

Are you a fan of Geometry Dash? Each fan of platformer games remembers cool adventures of a neon cube. This geometrical shape struggles along dozens of levels trying to make it through endless obstacles. But this fun is not over! The developers keep working on the project, adding new episodes and elements. And now, you are invited to test Geometry Dash 2.2 unblocked, the latest installment with the most massive updates! It is time to experience new adventures of a brave cube!

Enjoy a bunch of new levels

The new adventure offers redesigned levels. The players will face new traps, new monstrous creatures and lots of new elements. As before, the task is to enable the cube to jump over all risky areas and avoid antagonists. If you fail to do it, the outcome is rather painful. In this case, all the progress is lost, and the player is automatically respawn in the very start of the level. To avoid such a scenario, you must accumulate all your attentiveness and agility and steadily move to the finish. It may be very difficult in the beginning, but some training will surely bring the desired results. Train your reflexes to instinctively make correct decisions. It will be really exciting!

Create more fun!

It is possible to look beyond the current challenge. You will not only complete ready levels, you can create them yourself. And it is not a joke. The game comes with an editor that allows you to invent new obstacle courses with no effort. You can also customize a cube in your version. There are no restrictions here – make trials for beginners or develop a hardcore challenge for advanced players. Impress the gaming community with your masterpieces. Do not forget to look through fan-created content – you may find really thrilling levels to test. This way, the entertainment is never boring and annoying, there is always something brand new to enjoy here. You will adore it like thousands of other players!

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