Fire And Water Geometry Dash

The Geometry Dash has become unbelievably popular among thousands of players. And a restless neon cube has become a prototype to many other game ideas. Fire and Water Geometry Dash is one of them. So what is it about? Your main character is again a cube. But this time, the protagonist comes with a special ability. It can switch between being fire and water. But it is impossible to use two elemental power at the same time, you can only activate the one which is more needed at the moment. Are you ready to test it? You will have to react with no delay to all threats and use the right property.

Navigate the treacherous maze!

The cube is lost in a maze. Now you must help the hero traverse it safely and reach the exit. But the location is full of fire and water traps. How to overcome these? You will be able to pass the dangers using the properties of the cube. Once you need to walk through the fire curtain, you must switch to the fire elemental power. But whenever it is a water pool to cross, waterproof quality is needed. It is vital not to mix up the buttons, otherwise, the hero will immediately die. The player must be focused on the walkthrough and properly react to the threat in front of the cube. As you move to a new level, the traps will repeat more often and will become more confusing. Make sure you act wisely and avoid mistakes. Give your brain a proper workout! Both kids and adults will love this exciting adventure!

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