Geometry Neon Dash

If you are an avid player, you know well that sometimes your success in online games depends only on your agility. This platformer will demonstrate it to you in full. You will turn into a small and active cube who has no right for a mistake. The role of this character is to quickly move along obstacle courses, skillfully avoiding all types of dangers. And there will be tons of these. Run as fast as you can and jump over gaps and sharp objects, climb barriers and other things that can pose a threat to your life. But do not miss stars – you will find a lot of these bonuses scattered along the path.

Do not make random moves!

Unfortunately, you will not be able to hold out for too long if you rely on random movements. There are so many deadly traps around that only careful maneuvers can save you from death. Moreover, you will need to move the cube at a really fast speed. Every new stage comes with more obstacles added. And even the speed of the walkthrough increases considerably. Will you manage to safely deliver the cube to the destination point. Do not leave the game if the first try was not so successful. Devote some time to training, and soon you will easily guide the character through the most difficult levels. This online game has a fabulous rhythm that accompanies all your actions. Besides being a great option for killing time, it also enhances the player’s attentiveness and all reflexes. Do not miss to exercise your brain!

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