Geometry Dash 2.3

Geometry Dash series belongs to games that can be enjoyed for hours and days without becoming boring. This project has successfully combined several cool releases under one roof. And Geometry Dash 2.3 is the latest entertainment in this row. All of them are built around one plot. You are controlling a little hero that has a square geometrical shape. It is simply called a cube! The protagonist never sits still – he is in continuous movement! However, he life is not easy – wherever he goes, he must overcome endless trials and hurdles. And this is where the player’s help is desperately needed. Are you keen on learning more about this funny game? Then it is time to assume the role of this mischievous character and embark on never-ending adventures!

Get acquainted with the task!

What are you supposed to do in this online game? Everything seems very simple – you transform into a cute neon cube who runs and jumps without a stop! But there is an important nuance to mention. The path in front of the little personage is far from being trouble-free. You will always need to overcome a new obstacle course that is packed with deadly challenges and weird enemies. They all are aimed at stopping the main character from reaching the end of each level. So you must skillfully press a relevant control button when you see a new deadly barrier in front of you. Jump these over in time and continue your trip under the accompaniment of the music! Even if the task sounds funny and simple, you must demonstrate excellent skills to complete it!

How to generate new levels?

Customization is one of the most winning features of the game. And does not refer to the changes of the character, the possibility you may find in many other projects. Here, everything is much more exciting – you can generate your own content and add it to the entertainment. In other words, you can create levels and fill them with obstacles you like. You will get access to a special level editor. Here you have absolute freedom of action and can experiment as you wish. You are free to add your own icons and characters and select types of trials. It is even possible to add a description to your custom-made level and a preview image for the players to have an idea of what to expect. You can change colors and visual effects. Once you are happy with your creation, you can save it and invite other gamers to test it! You can also enjoy fan-made content of Geometry Dash players.

Train your agility!

This games looks exciting to have fun and kill time. But its positive effect a way beyond pure entertainment. The project serves as a powerful training simulator for your agility skills. It will boost your reaction and reflexes, teaching you to make a decision on the go and react at lightning speed. And of course, it trains your sense of rhythm as all your actions are accompanied by catching electronic soundtracks. Have fun and progress!

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