Geometry Dash Full Game

The first online games were focused on running and jumping. And no matter how far the gaming industry has progressed, these games remain among the most popular ones. They are still actively played on smartphones and different platforms. And Geometry Dash is one of these projects. Here, the players interact with geometric shapes, namely, a cool neon cube. This is a protagonist that tries to complete endless challenges by moving through the paths full of hurdles. And your role is to help the cube succeed!

Test various modes!

All you need to do here is to manage a small cube, which seems to come to life in your hands and move quickly, jump high, bypassing all the obstacles on the way. There are a lot of cool locations here, and the level of difficulty of the game will increase as you move to new levels. The initial levels can be considered simple. These are aimed at acquainting the player with the game mechanics. The role seems pretty simple – the player just needs to guide the cube through the levels. But whatever seems simple, is actually a struggle. You must be very attentive not to fall in the gap or land on a sharp spike. There are several massive installments in Geometry Dash – Subzero, Meltdown, Scratch and its major 2.2 update. In each of them, you will find exciting maps and the most sophisticated traps. All your actions are done under the accompaniment of dynamic rhythm which makes the walkthrough funny and enjoyable.

What will be your level?

After you try so many challenges, you are offered to create your own one. It is something you can hardly find in other games. Here, you will be able to experiment with a special editor to develop your own obstacle course. It is a really winning feature that allows the player to take on the role of a developer. Do you have an idea of how a true hardcore level should look like? Do not hesitate to implement it in a playable level and offer other players to cope with it. Fan-generated content greatly enriches the project, encouraging users to return to Geometry Dash again and again. There is always something new awaiting you here – new icons, new skins and, of course, new challenges. Whether you are looking just for killing your free time, or for an effective workout for your brain, this entertainment will be absolutely fine for both purposes. The cute cube is already waiting to embark on a new adventure – join him right now!

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