Geometry Dash Meltdown

Fun and excitement are not over in the super poplar Geometry Dash series. The entertainment has received so much positive feedback from the users and managed to attract so many players, that the developers got inspired to impress the fans with a new release. This time it is Geometry Dash Meltdown, a new installment for the most active players who want to continue the adventures of a restless neon cube. Are you one of them? Then it is time to start on a new journey with the mischievous protagonist!

About player’s objective

The main task is unchanged – you play for a cube who travels without a stop. But his paths are full of all possible trials – from sharp spikes to evil antagonists. The idea is to help the hero overcome all barriers on his way and reach the finishing point successfully. This time, the fast-paced rhythm game has received a lot of innovations to excite the players. Hundreds of new skins have been added to this new chapter, allowing the users to personalize their hero and get even more fun, navigating all the traps in different levels. Some of them are so complicated that you will need enough endurance and persistence to succeed. But some training will enhance your skills without a doubt. The game will be equally appreciated by young players and experienced users.

A set of achievements added!

In previous episodes, there are no checkpoints or other special mission incorporated. All you need to do is to reach the finishing line. But this new chapter comes with a surprise! You can will find it more exciting when you can reach different milestones. So the developer added a few achievements for the players to have more fun while playing. These include Stereo Bump, Stereo Madness, On My Way and Back On Track. These are only the main mission, and in total, there are dozens of them to test your skills. The more of them you manage to complete, the more stars will be added to your account. Try hard to get all possible awards! This game installment has three main stages – these are The Seven Sea, Viking Arena and Airborne Robots.

Some tips and tricks!

All levels are extremely tricky – dangers will accompany you on every step. But there are some tricks you can use to make the walkthrough a bit easier. For example, you can light up your way to see all the traps more clearly. Additionally, you collect various booster on your way that will also help you move on. Some of these boosters will help you jump higher, while others will signal you when you approach a trap. Another cool thing you can do while playing – download various soundtracks to enjoy them during the walkthrough. So, it is time to experience it all personally – select the color of your cube and start your first level. Remember to remain focused and concentrated to avoid mistakes! Good luck!

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