Geometry Dash Horror

Something terrible is happening in the universe of Geometry Dash. Just look inside it, and you will notice it looks like real hell. This mod has been created for the most courageous players as it is horror mod. So if you believe nothing can prevent you from delivering the geometrical hero through all these scary traps, it is time to test your luck and skills. The objective is the same as in the main release – you must move the cube along the levels full of all possible trials. And this time, all of them are incredibly frightening. The cube will move through portals filled with dead bodies and alive monsters. So it will be extremely difficult to focus on the traps when so many terrible objects are around. But you are not a shy player, right? So it is time to dive into this new adventure!

Do not rush without thinking!

It is more than clear that random moves will bring you death. You will be immediately kicked out of the game if you land on a spike or other sharp object. So while playing, keep your eyes on the obstacle course and fingers on control buttons to timely react to every threat that pops up in front of you. At first, you will find yourself slow enough and may miss a trap easily. But if you are persistent enough, you will quickly master the necessary techniques to complete a level by level without failure. Train your agility with ease in this amazing rhythm-based platformer. It will be equally engaging for kids and adult players. Have fun!

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