Geometry Dash Scratch

There are hundreds if not thousands of projects where you need agility and attention to succeed. If you love these online games, it is a must to test Geometry Dash. This project will get you acquainted with a small neon cube who is always ready for new adventures and trials. The mission does not seem very difficult – you just need to help the personage complete endless levels by passing through an obstacle course. But it may easily become a struggle if you fail to act flawlessly.

Move without a stop!

Each level is designed like a path that is full of traps. The traps are usually objects or threats that can kill the cube and throw him out of the game. For example, these are all sorts of sharp shapes – spikes, triangles and blades. If you do not calculate your move precisely and make a wrong jump or forget to press a jump button, your hero will land in the wrong place and die. This is what you need to avoid. The game is designed in a way you are not able to respawn, and the failure will mean you need to restart the level from the very beginning. So train your reflexes to be able to complete any level in one go, which means without a single mistake! All the levels have catching rhythmical music. And this makes the whole adventure genuine fun!

Enjoy Scratch-created games!

Alongside officially released game installments, you can enjoy hundreds of Scratch-created games that were shared by fans. On this page, you will find only a part of these cool projects. They all still have one common idea – you interact with a geometrical shape and help it make its way through never-ending difficulties. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel them or move aside. All you can do is to move, carefully avoiding these traps. The adventured differ in difficulty – from basic levels for those who just make their first steps in this gaming universe to really demonic challenges that seem to be impossible to complete. But it only adds more adrenaline when players are trying to beat their own achievements and set new records. Everyone will find something for themselves in this crazy world of geometrical shapes!

Create your own adventure

The ability to feel a part of a developer team is a winning feature of Geometry Dash. It is a rare case fans get such an opportunity. In this project, you will be able to design your own mini-games and challenges for the little cube. The authors give you all the tools needed for this engaging activity – you will get access to hundreds of icons, skins, a rich color palette. All you are supposed to do is to combine them all in a new level to present something unique and breathtaking. Do not forget that you may save your creation and allow other community members to test it. Who knows, maybe you have enough talents to come up with a true hit in this geometry universe?

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