Geometry Dash Unblocked

Are you looking for free games that will allow you to have incredible fun? Consider Geometry Dash Unblocked, a great adventure where you just need to be fast and attentive. If you believe you have these qualities, let’s dive into endless adventures of a mischievous and restless cube that cannot stay on one and the same place for too long. It is going to be a true hardcore mission. So, do not waste time, start on the first path!

Overcome nasty obstacles!

Every level comes with the same task – a player must help the cube to make it through an obstacle course without being damaged or destroyed by various lethal mechanisms and treacherous creatures. There will be absolutely no time to think over each situation and find a proper solution. You will be encouraged to act instinctively. Moreover, the cube’s journey is accompanied by music, and you need to catch its rhythm. The biggest challenge is that all the events on the screen replace each other with incredible speed. And not everyone will find it easy to respond quickly to this. Soon your fingers will start making mistakes, and often you will have to start all over again if you fail. There are no checkpoints here. In the corner of the screen, you will see the number of you try. Do not get upset if you have to return to the starting point again and again – soon, you will become a real pro in this cool adventure.

Try all levels and create your own ones!

There are a lot of officially issued levels in this entertainment. However, you will hardly get bored in Geometry Dash. The reason for it – regularly updated content. The developers added an exciting feature to this project – the players get access to the editor that can generate unique levels. It means you may take on the role of the developer and come up with your personal obstacle course. You can pack it with all possible traps and hurdles and invite others to test it. Do not miss updates – the game has a strong community that continuously contributes to it by adding new adventures for the neon cube. Prove you are skilled enough to tackle them all with ease. Progressing through the gameplay, you will earn points. These will allow you to unlock new icons and characters, earn bonuses and even get access to secret levels. Train enough to enhance your skills, beat your own records and get your name displayed in the in-game leaderboard. You will have tons of fun!

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